Omya’s central logistics department tackles the challenge of assuring our customers that they obtain the product they want in the right place at the right time.

For Omya, Logistics is much more than a question of transport. Logistics begins when we choose our sites. Whenever possible, Omya facilities are close to the markets.

Logistics also plays a part in production. Omya produces and supplies calcium carbonate in the form required by our customers, e.g. granules in Big Bags, fine powders in bags or as bulk cargo, and pumpable slurries in heated tanks with stirrers.

A dense network of ports and storage warehouses provides short routes so our products reach their destination just in time.

Last but not least, environmental protection is also incorporated into Omya’s logistics planning. Omya's order of preference when choosing the appropriate form of transport is ship, rail and then road.


Sophisticated logistics and a proprietary fleet on roads, rail tracks and on the sea ensure delivery on time, every time.