Industrial Coatings & Inks

Industrial coatings are primarily used for protection against potentially adverse environmental conditions. The focus of these applications is on durability, while optical properties are often less important.

Industrial coatings are formulated below the critical pigment volume concentration and with lower filler content than emulsion paints. However, the selection of an appropriate filler should not be neglected due to the potential impact on sheen, viscosity and durability.

Calcium Carbonate Content
Powder coatings
5 - 20%
Industrial coatings
5 - 20%
Road marking paints
30 - 50%
5 - 20%
up to 15%

Natural calcium carbonate has an alkaline pH value and low oil absorption. This combination of properties makes calcium carbonate ideal for primers and primer surfacers.

Calcium carbonate has become a suitable component in top coats, where high gloss and good gloss retention are demanded. Calcium carbonate is used to adjust the gloss level in other applications such as powder coatings.

The wide variety of applications calls for fillers with a wide range of different characteristics. The natural properties of calcium carbonate, combined with Omya’s application expertise, ensure the right product for every application.


Significant investment in research and development ensures that Omya fillers and pigments satisfy tomorrow’s requirements today.