Agriculture & Forestry

Calcium and magnesium fertilizers were among the first fertilizers in history. Ancient Greeks and Romans praised their beneficial effects. As a provider of calcium and magnesium, calcium carbonate and dolomite help to sustain plants and act as a natural buffer.

Natural calcium carbonate is a suitable product for sustainable environmentally friendly agriculture. The mineral stabilizes the pH value of the soil, thus allowing the maximum utilization of expensive fertilizer.

These characteristics explain why calcium carbonate is still an important fertilizer in modern agriculture and forestry.

Omya develops specific calcium carbonate products depending on each specific need:

Calciprill & Magprill

  • Made from a micronized, granulated powder
  • Easy to apply to crops without producing clouds of dust
  • Immediate pH improvement
  • Allows maximum utilization of expensive fertilizer
  • Can be used to spot-treat problem areas
  • Excellent source of calcium and magnesium
  • Can be applied by air

Top Flow

  • Liquid liming material that is simply sprayed onto the soil
  • Utilizes an industrial process that holds micronized lime particles in suspension
  • Improves the dispersion of lime particles when applied to the soil
  • Avoids dust emissions and improves liming efficiency

Liz Flow

  • Dust-free liquid suspension of liming material
  • Improves availability of mineral nutrients in manure
  • Reduces the risks of pollution to the water table and rivers caused by nitrates and phosphates
  • Reduces polluting and nauseating odors
  • Reduces nitrogen monoxide emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect

In addition, Omya also offers the following services:

  • Sector-specific advice
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Attractive prices
  • Qualified contact persons

Customer Focus

Constant dialogue with clients around the world is essential for identifying and developing optimal solutions quickly.