Personal Care

Calcium carbonate is commonly used as a white colorant and abrasive in toothpastes and similar applications. Our portfolio covers minerals of different origins (from marble to chalk) which, together with the particle size, allow us to provide the requested levels of brightness and abrasion.

For other applications, the main issue is the source of calcium. Once again, calcium carbonate is the salt containing the highest amount of calcium.

As in all other health-related applications, purity and safety during production are crucial.

Owing to the special use of cosmetic products, microbiology is another key aspect which Omya is well equipped to handle. From production to packaging and from basic research to final control laboratory testing – Omya is able to work on innovative solutions.

Main applications:

  • Toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • Facial cream
  • Body and facial scrub
  • Soap and syndet bars
  • Color cosmetics

Additionally, Omya offers a range of ECOCERT¬-verified calcium carbonates from Germany and Malaysia.

Customer Focus

Constant dialogue with clients around the world is essential for identifying and developing optimal solutions quickly.