Decorative Coatings

The endless opportunities for modifying the optical and mechanical properties of paints and coatings with calcium carbonate make this mineral particularly interesting.

The most important application for calcium carbonate in the coating industry is without a doubt interior emulsion paints. The calcium carbonate contributes to the opacity of emulsion paints formulated above the critical pigment volume concentration. Depending on the formulation, the calcium carbonate content can be as high as 60% by weight.

Calcium carbonate also benefits exterior emulsion paints and gloss paints by providing economic advantages with no loss in technical performance. In these applications, the pigment volume concentration is generally lower and the filler loading is consequently lower.

Calcium Carbonate Content
Interior emulsion paints
up to 60%
Exterior emulsion paints
up to 50%
Brushing enamels
up to 15%

Omya offers an extensive range of standard and specialty products with different particle sizes and optical values. The filler selection can significantly influence the paint properties. The sheen, opacity and wet-scrub resistance can all be modified to improve the properties of the end product. This ability to enhance paint performance means that calcium carbonate should be regarded as a functional filler and not simply as an extender.

High Quality

State-of-the-art technology is used to manufacture calcium carbonate products that are tailor-made for a variety of applications.