As a natural product, calcium carbonate is the perfect solution for environmental protection applications. Calcium carbonate has a natural buffer effect and works as a pollution filter – it poses no health risks and is free of harmful chemicals.

Calcium carbonate acts as a natural buffer, which is used in water treatment to regulate the pH of drinking water and is also very useful in protecting the environment. Calcium carbonate is used in sewage or waste water treatment and is a desulphurization and defluorination agent for flue gas from power stations, where it helps to convert the large amount of sulfur dioxide into recyclable gypsum. Calcium carbonate can also compensate the effects of acid rain. Controlled liming stabilizes the pH of acidified soil and water so that new organisms can thrive.

Whether in drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, flue gas desulphurization or forest and lake liming (to neutralize the effects of acid rain in natural waters), the use of calcium carbonate in environmental protection grows year by year.


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